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Nick, is an Recording Engineer-Producer, Songwriter and Session Musician out of Lakeland, FL based at Grammy Award winning Sound House Studios in Downtown Lakeland (Grammys with Taylor Swift and Placements with The 1975 and Florence and the Machine through Jon Gautier). He specializes in Rock, Country, Funk, Gospel, CCM and Latin Styles of Music. 


Nick has had the opportunity of working with artists of all walks of life including Calvin Simon of Parliament-Funkadelic (Rock-Funk-Gospel), Kenzie Wheeler (Season 20 The Voice), Charlie (Formerly Known as Charles Irwin; Rock-Alternative), Casey Webb from Food Network's hit show Man Vs Food and many others. He has been quoted saying His "main focus is to bring the artist's vision to life by staying out of the way and letting the artist shine."

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Calvin Simon - Parliament-Funkadelic


The Food Network - Man V Food with Casey Webb

Kenzie Wheeler - Season 20 The Voice Finalist

Lizandra Salzar - Tango Talento

Charlie (Formerly known as Charles Irwin)

Visit Neptune

Shelby Sol


Sarah Mae Gunn

Pee Wee Callins

Cinemammoth Productions



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