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Nick has been featured on many works both as an artist and for artists. He has worked on singles, albums, TV and film. Below is a small collection of his latest works.

This is a sample from the new Horror movie by Cinemammoth Productions. Nick did the Scoring, Sound Design and Mix. Contact Nick to Score your next film. Prices based on length of time of film and tasks hired for. 

This was a holiday single Produced by HXMBLXLXXN (Nicks Production team that he is Co-owner of) in Tampa, FL with contestant and Finalist of season 20 The Voice, Kenzie Wheeler. Nick was also coengineer on this project as well as Kenzies Band Manager and Music Director. 

This Song is a near and dear one for nick. He had the opportunity of working with this band first as a fan. Nick Was the Mixing Engineer on this track called Lately Gone performed and written by Emigrant Music.

This is a song written by JW Griffin, a new country artist titled BAR HOPPIN' produced, engineered and mixed by Nick. 

Nick was producer and Engineer for this single titled It's Me and You performed by Oaklee. This project was part of the many Covid Quarantine sessions that took place at Five5 Studios 

This is a single from the band Visit Neptune. Nick was the Producer of this single as well as the full length album. Recorded at Five5 Studios in Tampa.

Nick was the Producer, Engineer, and Mixing Engineer on this Project by Dario Sallent. This song received attention on Univision, Rhumba 106.5 and many other radio stations.

Nick was the Vocal Producer on this song titled Better by Shelby Sol.

Nick was co-engineer and helped produce this song by Shelby Sol titled NTOB (New Taste of Bitterness). He also was the session guitarist on this track as well.

Nick was the Audio Engineer and Mixing Engineer on this song by George Pennington titles Xmas in Ybor. It was recorded full band at Five5 Studios in Ybor City Tampa.

Nick Herbert was the Audio Engineer and Producer of this single released by Visit Neptune titled Heatstroke in December. This was the second single on Visit Neptunes full length album released under Five5 Entertainment.

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